We are parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors and relatives from throughout the Bethel School District.

We have joined together for the past 45 plus years to support ALL the children, K-12, in our district.

Our mission is to enrich and assist our kids in their academic and extra curricular experiences.

The Boosters support ALL the schools in the Bethel School District, though we are headquartered at Willamette High School.

For nearly 50 years the Boosters have assisted students and teachers at all Bethel schools by funding a wide variety of requests.  Additionally we give out two scholarships each year, sponsor the Senior Drug and Alcohol Free party for our graduates and fund the elementary & middle school track program.

Some of the most recent programs receiving Booster support include -

The Culinary Program

Science and Art Departments

WHS Marching band

Irving's Choir and Kindergarten program

Shasta's Jazz band, choir and grad party

Dance - Cheer

Athletic Dept. Scholarship fund

Kid Wind (WHS women in engineering program)

DECCA  -  FBLA  -  Forensics

Spanish & German Clubs  

Good Behavior Incentive program at WHS

Cascade's polar science & engineering program

District Pride Program

A new wheelchair for the health room

WHS's  Football, basketball, soccer, wrestling, baseball volleyball, tennis, water polo, swim team, track & cross country, softball, bowling........

And so many more!


Our Meetings are the first Wednesday of each month, except July, at 7pm in the getaway room at Willamette.