November 7, 2018


Well we out did ourselves tonight. Great GREAT job Boosters we're going to have a lot of happy kids tomorrow when they get the news.
We had 3 very important funding requests and were able to honor all of them. 
WHS cheer will be getting a check for $2100 
Shasta Middle Schools life skills class will be getting $3000 for new iPad tablets
And Prairie Mountain will be getting a big fat check for $8600 to purchase not 10 or 11 chromebooks as they asked for, but enough for the entire class to have them, yep that's 26 chromebooks so they won't have to share ! 
We do love our kids and were honored to award these groups.

April 4, 2018

-Discussed a couple of possible jobs for the summer, need more information before we can decide.
-Car show is on track to be a success once again, we've received enough cash donations to date to allow us to go into the show with money ahead after all expenses are paid. TV commercials and Radio ads start the first of May.
-We're working hard on finishing up the new propane grill which will allow us to do more summer jobs and no longer need to rent additional grills. And a huge thank you goes out the Valley Restaurant Supply for giving us amazing deals on equipment.

-Scholarship committee was selected.
-We had three requests and were honored to award the funds to all.

*Shasta Jazz Band was given $1500
* WHS Arts department was given $500 to complete their 
mural project 

* The culinary program was awarded with $1000 to help
cover their expenses when they go to Rhode Island
later this month as State Champs representing not
only Willamette but also the State of Oregon

-And finally the board was elected, not much change there. But Congrats to Marvin Stone as President Susan Wilson as Vice President, Rolene Sullivan-Brinkmeyer as Treasurer and the newbie Barbara Hansen as our Secretary.


February 1 & March 7


Two for one here, it's been a busy time winding down the winter sports season and finishing up a few projects so that we can move on to more. 

But here it is.

March- was a very busy meeting lead by serving ice cream sundaes to the masses attending spring sports night, Marv Stone made our plea at the the event for more members.  

At the meeting we heard from Boys soccer-they need new uniforms in the worst way and soccer balls.  We also heard from WHS Dance, they need $1500 to cover travel and tourney fees for a variety of tournaments including state.  

We were honored to give both these deserving groups what they asked for.

Again Car Show is front and center, as of now we have collected 35 donations for the auction and in hand $900 cash with commitments for at least another $2250 trophys are paid for and we're now looking for attractions and of course more auction items.

In February we gave cheer $1100 for much needed safety equipment. we hear that not only did they get all they asked for but due to clever shopping on their part they were able to get even more equipment, Way to go Cheer Mom's .

Forensics (debate) asked for $1500 their coach, a U of O student has been using her own money to get this program up and running again, we gave them $2000 for a jump start.

We then discussed  summer jobs and their dates, and of course the Car Show is in full swing.

January 3, 2018

Had a good meeting, discussed the upcoming bottle drive taking place this Saturday, January 6.  Touched on the carshow scheduled for May 19, 2018.  Assigned volunteers for the Wolverine Bingo (supporting Childrens Miracle Network) coming up on January 20th.  And had one request from Baseball.

It was our pleasure to honor the request for Baseball to the tune of $3000 to help cover spring tournaments.

December 6, 2017

Great Meeting last night Boosters. We covered a lot of ground, bottle drive, car show, yes we are doing the car show again, and a few other pending projects. 

We got to meet the new baseball coach, Brian Vogel, he seems very motivated and we look forward to working with him.

We also gave boys and girls Track $2000 to help with their uniforms. It seems they've been sporting 2 or 3 different looks for several years now because they didn't have enough of one for the entire team. Now they will look unified.

And we were able to report that Basketball is off to a great start this year.

November 1, 2017

Another productive meeting tonight Boosters. Although there were not requests for funding. We did have a very productive brainstorming session on future fundraising events. One of which we will be announcing in the next week or so, stay tuned, it's pretty good. 
We also discussed the possibility of bringing the carshow back in May, we'll decide for sure at the December meeting. The biggest obstacle there is manpower, as always, if we should bring it back how many of you would be interested in helping, by that we mean help in the months prior to the actual show? Your input is valuable so what are your thoughts. The other obstacle is having some sort of attraction, as many of you know having the Bi Mart Monster trucks was huge and big people pleaser, particularly when they crushed the engine blow car when Bi Mart discontinued their affiliation we lost a major part of the show, any ideas? Anyone know of any Monster Trucks out there. Speak up peeps, we'd love to hear from you.

October 4, 2017

Another productive meeting boosters. We are honored to help out WHS Choir with a $1500 donation and Irving Elementary School with a $500 donation to their music program.

September 6, 2017

What a terrific meeting tonight Boosters, great way to start the year off !!!!!! And we were proud to be able to help out the water polo team with a $1500 donation. Your all awesome!!!!
Let's keep the momentum going by supporting our girls soccer team tomorrow when they take on Sheldon.

August 13, 2017

Wow, Boosters your all amazing!😉
Another job in the books, because of you all we'll be able to help so many more kids and/or groups in Bethel. 
Zip O Logs company picnic went off without a hitch and we couldn't have done it without you all. 👏👏👏
So pat yourselves on the back Marcus Lipsett, Brian Barr, Terry Thorne, Alicia Allen, Gordon Allen, Rolene Brinkmeyer and Carter, Marv Stone, Charlotte Winters, Traci Stone, Suzi Wilson and Alan Rogers. Take a break and rest up for the next 2+ weeks, Then the last job of the summer, Tyree Oils Tailgater. 👍 And also, WHS Cheer girls and coach Erin Brown.